Green Initiatives

Canton Leisure Services takes great pride in providing residents and guests with outstanding facilities, parks, trails, and green spaces. In an effort to ensure sustainability, Leisure Services' Parks and Facility Services divisions work closely together to identify environmentally sustainable projects. Staff practice environmental stewardship in the areas of Natural Area Maintenance, Pond/Aquatic Maintenance and Water Quality/Conservation, Recycling and Energy Management. We invite you to experience all that Canton has to offer and consider incorporating green practices as well. 
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Environmental Sustainability

Protecting and preserving the natural spaces in Canton is extremely important. Canton's Parks, Golf, and Public Works divisions all work together to identify and implement environmentally sustainable practices whenever possible.

Audubon International

The Fellows Creek Golf Course has been certified as a Cooperative Sanctuary by Audubon International. Throughout the Fellows Creek Golf Course, there are wetlands and bird areas that are protected to help wildlife habitats thrive.

No Mow Areas

In an effort to preserve the natural habitats of wildlife, Canton maintains several no mow areas within its parks and golf courses. If you see an area that looks overgrown with taller grass or wildflowers, it is likely that ducks, turtles, rabbits and other native creatures call these spaces home. Additionally, these spaces are ideal for bees and birds that help foster a healthy ecosystem. For no mow areas around ponds, the grasses help to stabilize the pond banks and help provide shelter for smaller bugs, frogs, and fish. Maintaining these no mow areas, help ensure that wildlife has a safe habitat in this region.


Phragmites are an invasive species that creates an enormous challenge for many parks, golf courses and wetland areas. In 2018, Canton worked with consultants to develop a Phragmite Mitigation Plan to eradicate the invasive vegetation in several community park areas. The process for mitigation will take at least two years to complete. Canton understands that a healthy watershed is contingent upon control of invasive species and thoughtful reintroduction of native plants. This project will help remove the identified phragmites invasion and add back more native vegetation to help with storm water runoff.

Pond Management

In Canton's exterior spaces and parks, pond management is a priority area. Ponds are vital to the wildlife in the parks, storm water runoff and also are used as irrigation on the golf courses and some parks. In 2017, several ponds near the Pheasant Run Golf Course and Summit on the Park Community Center underwent a stabilization project. The results have helped to ensure proper storage, drainage and erosion control.

Prescribed Burns

In an effort to maintain natural vegetation, prescribed burns are used in vegetated areas. By conducting the prescribed burns, non-native vegetation can be eliminated and provides native species the opportunity to re-establish themselves. Prescribed burns are conducted under supervision of trained professionals.

Canton Leisure Services encourages all residents and guests to actively get involved in green initiatives and recycling. To learn more about community wide Recycling, please visit the Municipal Services website or call 734/397-1011.