Police Director's Message

On behalf of the men and women of the Canton Police Department, I would like to welcome you to the website for our police department.  Our department deploys highly-motivated employees who possess the highest standards of ethics and integrity.  We employ active patrol and investigative teams to serve all people as we find solutions for the community concerns with assistance from our support services groups, which includes an excellent police and fire 911 dispatch center.  Our longtime core values of professionalism, excellence, teamwork, integrity, and courage are our framework for delivering exceptional service to our community and region.  In addition, our community partnerships have an exciting future as we develop the next progressions of policing for our community.  We have formed new community programs, including diversion programming and an embedded social worker program.  Also, we have found opportunities for the inclusion of our citizens voices by developing a Police Transparency and Guidance Committee that will examine the service level of their police department in partnership with the department.  Finally, our training, international accreditation, and oversight functions will drive modern policing for years to come.  

Your thoughts and comments are welcome and are very important in helping us achieve our policing mission.

Chad Baugh
Director of Police Services - Police Chief