Land Use Matrix

Land Use Matrix is a summary of the Permitted Uses and Special Land Uses by zoning district. The Table is advisory only and is not a substitute for the Charter Township of Canton Zoning Ordinance. Therefore, if there is a discrepancy between the Zoning Ordinance and this Table, the Zoning Ordinance shall prevail.

Permitted Uses Are Denoted on the Land Use Matrix With the Letter “P”:

Permitted Uses are recognized as uses of land and buildings in certain districts which are harmonious with other such uses which may lawfully existing with (within) the same district. A permitted use is subject to the schedule of regulations, permit and site plan requirements but is otherwise considered to be a lawful use not requiring special or extraordinary controls or conditions.

Special Land Uses Are Denoted on the Land Use Matrix With the Letter “S”:

Special Land Uses are uses, either public or private, which possess unique characteristics and cannot be classified as a permitted use in a particular zoning district. The review procedures and standards are intended to achieve efficient use of the land, to protect natural resources and to prevent adverse impact on adjoining or nearby properties.

The Land Use Matrix also references Zoning Ordinance section numbers for applicable definitions and land use standards.

Download a copy of the Land Use Matrix.

For questions about zoning districts and land uses, please contact the Planning Services Division at 734/394-5170.