Aquatic Center Shutdown

Starting Tuesday, August 1, 2023, the Summit on the Park’s Aquatic Center will undergo significant renovation which is expected to be completed mid-December 2023. 

Summit members may elect to ‘freeze’ or temporarily pause their memberships for the duration of construction and forego access to the facility.

In addition, the Summit is offering members access to aquatic facilities in surrounding communities, including Ann Arbor, Livonia, and Romulus while the Summit Aquatic Center is closed for renovations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: If I am on a Family Membership or a Couples Membership, does the membership pause affect all the individuals on the membership package? 
    • A: Yes. Once the membership is paused, it impacts all members on the package, and is therefore paused for the duration of the closure. No member from the membership package will be admitted to the facility during the time of the pause.
  • Q: How do I pause my membership? 
  • A: You will notify a Member Services Representative at the Front Desk, where you will sign a Membership Pause Agreement that outlines all membership pause details, including the pause date, and the date all memberships will be restarted. 

  • Q: What are my options with my Summit Membership during the renovation project?
  • A: There are two (2) options for membership holders during the project:
      • 1. Pause your membership during the duration of the project
        • During this time, you will have the opportunity to utilize other regional recreation facilities in Ann Arbor, Livonia, and Romulus with indoor aquatic facilities should you choose to do so. 
      • 2. Keep your membership active during the project and utilize all other Summit facility amenities.
  • Q: If my membership is paused, can I still use the other amenities the Summit offers? 
    • A: No. If you wish to utilize the Summit, you will need to reactivate your membership (for a 30-day minimum) or purchase a daily visit pass.
  • Q: If I pause my membership, when will it be restarted, and what will my new expiration date be?
    • A: Your membership will automatically be reinstated the day that the Aquatic Center reopens after the renovations, which will be no later than January 2, 2024
    • When your membership is resumed, your new expiration date will be determined by how much time you had left on your membership at the time of the pause. (i.e if you had 2 months remaining on your membership when you paused it, when it resumes, you will have 2 months to use)

We recognize this major renovation project in the Aquatic Center has brought about many questions and concerns. This document is meant to address the most common questions we have received about memberships during the project. 

Alternative Aquatic Center Facilities Update:

 Summit Members who wish to use any of the facilities listed below during the Summit Aquatic Center renovation will need to visit the Summit front desk to obtain a copy of their printed membership card, which will be needed to access these other facilities. All members will also need to present valid photo ID at each facility as well.

Temporary Aquatic Center Access Available At:

Ann Arbor - Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center
2960 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734)-971-6355 |

Hours of Operation: 
Mon-Fri: 6am-8pm
Sat: 8am-6pm | Sun: 9am-4pm

Facility Closed from Aug. 21 - Sept. 4 for Annual Maintenance Shutdown

Facility use includes access to pools, gymnasium, and classes based upon schedules and class capacities.

Livonia - Jack E. Kirksey Recreation Center
15100 Hubbard Rd, Livonia, MI 48154
(734)-466-2900 |

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri: 5am-10pm. 
Sat: 6am-7pm | Sun: 7am-7pm

Facility use includes access to pools, gymnasiums, weight/fitness equipment, walking/running track, tree-fort play area. Fitness classes are not included with access.

The Lap Pool will be closed from Aug. 21-Sept. 1 and the whole facility is closed from Aug. 28- Sept. 1 for Annual Maintenance Shutdown

Romulus Athletic Center
35765 Northline Rd, Romulus, MI 48174
(734)-942-2223 |

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri: 5am-9pm
Sat & Sun: 8am-7pm

Facility use includes the aquatic center, gymnasium, fitness center, and indoor track. Fitness classes and not included with access.

Gymnasium is closed from Aug. 21-28, 2023

For additional information, contact the Summit front desk at 734/394-5460.