Snow Emergencies in Canton

A snow emergency is declared for the purpose of clearing streets for snow removal and to allow accessibility for police and fire vehicles to respond to emergencies. In declaring a snow emergency, consideration must be given to the amount of snow fall and/or severity of weather, along with the ability to commit department resources to ensure compliance.

Canton Public Safety declares a snow emergency when snow accumulation of generally five inches or more is predicted. The following prevailing weather conditions are also taken into consideration:

  • Duration of the snow event
  • High winds, drifting, blizzard-like conditions
  • Warming conditions
  • Sleet, freezing rain, etc.

During a snow emergency parking is prohibited on all streets in Canton to provide adequate access for plows and emergency vehicles. Voluntary compliance is appreciated, but the traffic order does provide for enforcement action to be taken up to and including vehicles being ticketed and/or towed.

For further information email Emergency Management Coordinator William Hayes or call 734/394-5357.