What is Cherry Hill School?
Cherry Hill School was originally located on the west side of Ridge Road, south of Cherry Hill. It was part of District 1, Canton and Superior in Wayne County and Washtenaw County. By 1875, the school had been relocated to the northwest corner of Ridge Road and Cherry Hill Road.

The school was originally a log building. It had a long low stove which provided heat. The building was 21 feet by 24 feet in size. Around the sides were two rows of slabs held up by pegs. The lower row of slabs were seats and the upper row was the desks. Slates were used instead of text books. Children brought whatever book they had a home to read. The book was usually a Bible, or an Almanac. The small children sat up front the older children in the back. In winter the temperature varied and it was often as cold as 40 degrees.

Community activity was centered around the school. Church services were held in the building when the temperature in the Church was too cold. Writing schools and spelling school were held in the winter. Often other schools were invited for competitive Spelldowns.

The present building was build in 1875 at the present location. There were 8 grades plus kindergarten. In 1942, Henry Ford became interested in the community and the school. He gave $22,000 to the school which added another room, a water system, bathrooms, and basement. The school remained in the Henry Ford School System until the mid 1960s. Canton Township purchased the building from the Plymouth Canton School District. A rehabilitation of the building as you see it today, enables it for public use.

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