What do I do if a person other than myself needs to pick up my child from Camp Canton?
If you need to have a person not listed on the Emergency Card pick up your child, please provide Camp Canton staff with a letter stating the day, time and full name of the person picking up your child from camp.
Please list all persons, over the age of 18, eligible to pick up your child on their Emergency Card. The State of Michigan requires that anyone picking up a camper is over the age of 18, so please plan accordingly. Staff reserves the right to ask each adult picking up a Camp Canton camper for proper identification (license or state ID). This is to protect the safety of your child. If you are not able to give one of your fast passes to the person picking up your child, make sure they are either listed on the emergency card, you write us a letter with their name stated on it, or you call and give us their name so we may ask for their ID. We will not release children to anyone who is not listed on the Emergency Card, who is not 18 years of age, who does not have a fast pass, or to a person that the parent/guardian has not given us written permission for.

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4. What do I do if a person other than myself needs to pick up my child from Camp Canton?
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